The Early Fall Tournament was held at Boise State University on October 19, 2019. Teams from Boise State, Brigham Young, Idaho, Colorado, Washington, Oregon and Treasure Valley Math & Science Center competed in this tournament.

The teams played a full round robin, after which the field was broken into a top half and a bottom half. Each group played another round robin.

Colorado led the field at 7-0 after the full round robin, followed by Oregon (6-1), Washington (5-2) and Brigham Young (4-3). Idaho, TVMSC and the two Boise State B teams fell into the bottom half.

Oregon won the rematch with Colorado, and the two teams finished 9-1. As the Oregon team had to catch a flight, they agreed to a draw, and Oregon and Colorado are co-EFT champions of the Northwest mirror. BYU and UW tied at 5-5 in 3rd place. Idaho topped the bottom group with a 5-5 record, finishing in 5th place.

Daniel Hothem from Oregon was the top scorer at 127.5 points per game.

Full stats can be found here: